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About Us

Smart Technology-as-a-Service

We offer cutting-edge technology solutions as a service, using a new HYBRID IT platform called UNiTY. It can be installed on client premises, in the cloud, or using both.

Data Analytics & Intelligence

UNiTY uses, manages and analyzes any data from anywhere, such as old & new database systems, Microsoft Word-Excel-PowerPoint, social media, internet of things (IoT) and open government-public information.

Sustainable & Secure Solutions

Using domain expertise, analytics, data intelligence and Six Sigma lean concepts, UNiTY complements IT projects and solutions for continuous improvement, without duplicating client's data.

Examples of UNi B Solutions

Technology for Smart Missions

  • Redefines the urban & rural landscapes
  • Drives continuous economic growth
  • Improves socioeconomic factors

EXAMPLES: Smart Waste Management, Smart Transport Solutions, Integrated Command/Control Center Dashboards & Analytics, Smart Water Monitoring, Smart Healthcare Information Exchange, Smart Education and Smart Energy Solutions

Digitization & Process Orchestration

  • Enhances user experience
  • Enforces continuous process improvement
  • Improves data quality & security

EXAMPLES: Case Management, Streamlining Redlining in Documentation, Application & Registration Forms, Approval Workflow Automation, New Hire ePaperwork, eCertificates, eLicenses, eTranscripts, Municipal Land-Records Management, and Work Order Automation

Automate. On-demand. On-the-go.

  • Automatically trigger & assign tasks
  • One place to go for information & service
  • Simple & easy to access anywhere on any device in any language

EXAMPLES: Self-service Applications, Real-time Analytics, SLA & KPI Monitoring Dashboards, Logistics Status Solution, mobile APPs, Secure Portals, Personalized Dashboards and Reporting Views

Included Services

Data Quality & Security

UNi B Solutions applies the latest IT control processes and standards, to ensure that UNiTY provides the data quality and security needed to protect data from outside threats and unauthorized users.  

IoT Development & Communication

 Conventional database management tools and techniques are incapable of handling the voluminous data generated by the industry. UNiTY unifies billions of connections between sensors and devices connected to the internet, by automating interactions.

Systems Unification & Data Communication

Without UNiTY, data is stored in silos, collecting data is a challenge, data is manually entered into multiple systems, and current systems are “patched” together. UNiTY simplifies data communication and migration projects, by making data readily available in real-time when needed. 

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 UNi B Solutions is a center of excelence that uses Enterprise Project Management Office (E-PMO) and Agile Implementation methodologies, to ensure technology solutions are always designed and developed using research and the highest standards. 

Smart Nations & Cities

Governments have several important plans, such as, building ‘smart nations & cities’ and calling for robust hybrid-computing back-end coupled with real-time surveillance and big data analytics technologies, such as UNiTY.

Business & Data Intelligence

UNiTY allows for rapid and effective data-driven decisions to be made quickly and seamlessly, by combining business process and enterprise optimization campaigns, giving its clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Our strategy is built around working with local partners and experts, and forming consortiums comprising of global strategic alliances. Together, we bring years of collective experience in critical areas needed for success.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our CSR and philanthropic goals, we offer internships to boost innovation and job-creation, through training and development programs for students, staff, and citizens, required to complement R&D, technology and research campaigns.  

Powered by UNiTY

Using UNiTY will benefit immensely by programmatic decision-making, effective delivery of IT services, and proactive revisions of IT policies and operating procedures

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